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There’s a special place in my heart for the Final Fantasy series. I must have been around 10-years-old when Final Fantasy VII hit the shelves in Finland. My friend, not yet a fan of RPGs, got it for the Playstation around the time of release. This was back in the day when the television channels of Sweden still featured a show or two about video games. So I recall having seen the game being previewed in one of them. I thought it looked awesome. Although I had no idea how it awesome it would prove to be.

Everyone with a solid career in gaming will recall that one game which glued you and a couple of friends to the television screen, no one minding that you weren’t the one playing. Final Fantasy VII was for me that game. I remember sitting at my friend’s house just staring and helping out translating the dialogue that was heavily featured in the game (remember, we were 10-years-old). This was my first true encounter with an RPG. It introduced a whole new layer to gaming, really. The games we’d played before were about high scores and shooting stuff. And suddenly, here was a game that wanted to tell a story. A game that more than anything wanted you to see the protagonists through to the ending, not for the sake of any scores or glory, but because you needed to save their world.

Final Fantasy VII was for me and many others the stepping stone into RPGs. Me and a particular group of friends became literally obsessed with them afterwards. After the discovery of the Final Fantasy franchise (I regard it as a franchise much like McDonalds these days) we started searching for the earlier games. The number 7 in the title hinted that there’d been a little bit more going on before the release of this fantastic game, and it’s safe to say we were, through the dubious system of emulation, eager to explore the previous installments. Thus followed a period of Final Fantasy frenzy.

This was many many years ago. And the games we played during that tumultuous time of hormones and pimples were mostly fantastic (Final Fantasy VI springs to mind).  In 2001 something changed in the series I loved so much, but more on that later.

This post is just a collection of thoughts before I move on to play Final Fantasy XIII. I had some gripes about the game initially, pondering to myself whether or not I should buy it. But in the end I deigned it be best I give it a shot so I can give my honest opinion on the game. I intend to write more on the change of the Final Fantasy series later, and perhaps draw a few lines between these changes and the game I’ll be playing.




  1. It’s irritating that I never played final fantasy 7 when it came out. I’m sure that it’s awesome but it just looks horrifyingly ugly. Early playstation 3d graphics repulses me greatly. I have tried to play it but it was impossible. Final fantasy 9 is the only ps1 ff that I have been able to play retroactively. I loved it.

    The snes final fantasy games are awesome in every way though. Charming graphics, great story and characters, and of course amazing music.

    The “which glued me and a couple of friends to the television screen” for me was probably silent hill. Good shit.

  2. I just might kill you for those slanderous words about FF7 Håkan! 😉

  3. In my opinion Final Fantasy VII will always be quite over-rated and far from the best in the FF-series. However, it’s easily the most memorable one for people in our age. The never before seen RPG-experience along with the awesome pre-rendered movies, the mind-blowing music and the punk influenced graphics made it an incredible journey at that time.

    I will always love that game blindly – regardless of how porely it has aged.
    And it hasn’t aged really well at all. In retrospective, the game has quite alot of very serious flaws.

    Games like FF9 and FF6 on the other hand have aged just perfectly and the latter is probably one of the best games of all times. It’s… perfect.

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