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First I bid you watch this.

Then tell me that the woman and the host are not douchebags. It’s funny that whenever video games are featured in television these obscure research reports are brought up. 130.000 children are found to be more agressive?

I call bullshit, and I suspect most viewers will. But the sad thing is that parents will watch that show and think “Oh dear me, we’d better throw Sonny-Boy’s Wii out the window or he’s gonna go shoot lots and lots of people.”

And the goddamned host? “Common decency”? Fuck him.

Instead of going for a sensible debate about video games, they of course go for knee-jerk reactions in people. It’s sad, but I guess in the end they’ll die, and we’ll be the ones to call bullshit on the old generation of loons (just as we’re doing now. But we’ll be in charge!).



  1. The worst thing about this is that the woman is so retardedly defensive that she doesn’t even realize that he is actually agreeing with her 90% of the time. She seems to completely ignore the fact that you can set parental control on the video game consoles and the fact that there are age restrictions for buying the games. Therefore if you are the parent of a child you can easily keep them from playing violent video games.

    Also I also call total bullshit on her “research”. Complete utter bullshit and it is so insanely infuriating to hear the fucking audience “booing” him when he does too and talks about other research.

    If something promotes hatred, sexism and violence it’s her behaviour. When she interrupted him with “Bah,I am categorically against violence for entertainment. It is just wrong.” (followed by applause) I very much felt like beating her senseless.

    The moral of the story is that british shit actresses without manners who don’t know shit about what they are talking about should just shut the fuck up.

    It made me think of this video.

    I love when Quentin gets fed up and just tells it like it fucking is.

  2. Well well, the study cannot be dismissed as pure bullshit but the content is disputed by other research groups(with very valid arguments).Also to be noted is that the study in question has not been monitorig the children,as the retarded skank said, but has compiled several other studies and compared their results statistically(something apparentely common in psychological studies). As there seems to be no concensus in the scientific community about the effects of games on children(which the poor sensible guy points out). Personally I’ll rather play and take the chance of beoming becoming violent, as apparentely you become retarded from not playing games(as proven by the skank and audience)

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