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I wish I could say this:

“Final Fantasy XIII? Yeah.. Bit of a rough start, but it grew on me!”

Instead, my thoughts are as follows. I stopped playing MMORPGs because there is a fundamental problem with them. Why should I spend top-dollars on having no fun at all for extended periods of time, so I can have one hour of satisfaction? Finding no answer to that question led to me qutting WoW and finding better things to do with my life. Doing lots and lots of heroin for example.

Now spending my time on evolving my inner-child, chakra and spirit-totem I started playing normal games again. At first it felt disjointing. No other people? No spam? How strangely… calm. It was pretty awesome once I’d settled back into the life of a normal person again. Anyways, normal games tend to not be about grinding gold for several hours on end, or even grinding experience. In games where you grind experience there tends to be satisfaction drawn from that particular segment of the game, as opposed to online games where it’s all about dinging the max level so that you can enjoy the various endgame content that requires you to grind even more.

So, thinking I was done with spending ridiculous amounts of time having no fun at all while playing games, I stumbled across Final Fantasy XIII. A game that I can’t bother finishing. I keep hearing this about the game: “It gets better after 10 hours, or 25!” When I play a game I don’t play it to suffer through massive amounts of boredom. Gaming for me is not like a rotten Kinder Egg where the chocolate part of the candy is made from turd, and the toy inside made from uninspiring. My Kinder Egg in the form of games should be a chocolate shell of awesome and a toy in form of  satisfaction. Fundamentally, I don’t get the point of Final Fantasy XIII. It’s like they wanted to do a lot of things differently, and at the same time not wanting to change anything. The battle system doesn’t feel as though there’s any emphasis on tactics. Your paradigm shifts are always reactions to something that has occurred. If you are planning ahead, it’s something token like that you’re expecting the boss to blow a load on your face and you need to put shields up and heal. So you shift to healer roles. You’re never trying to be one or two steps ahead, because it’s not needed.

Granted, those pennies are not from that magic part of the game where the world has opened up. But it’s not engaging enough for me to want to experience it all. I may just have to turn it in and get Infinite Space. A game about space-ships. Can’t fail right?

So, here’s Final Fantasy XIII in a couple of words: Bland, Japanese, Shiny and Meh.


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  1. sv: du är nog lite retarded ändå, för det är jag inte alls det!!! ❤

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