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Since I feel too few people play Mount & Blade I have decided to make a running blog post story. It’ll be done with a little twist, but in the end I should be able to show off all neat features of the game. Note that I am not endorsed by Taleworld in any way, Warband just happens to be the game I am playing right now, and as such I’m unable to process any other peripheral games at the moment. In a while maybe I can write some posts about the trivial games that are currently on the horizon.

The Journey of Temujin

Mount & Blade is a roleplaying game at its core. While it does merge several types of games, it all begins in a character creation screen.

So, before we start out we answer a few questions regarding your characters past. Who was your father? What did you work with before adventuring? Why did you leave your home to seek out adventure? While these questions do not have any impact on story-related events while playing, they do confer stats and equipment from the start. So choosing these will likely influence what type of character you will be playing.

After answering the starter questions you get to create a look for your man or woman. I made mine look like a Khergit Horseman. There’s a surprising amount of tweaking available, so you can make your character look as decent or retarded as you feel like.

In the above screen you assign your skills. As you can see there’s quite a bit to choose from. But the explanation is as follows. The left side lets you add attributes. These govern the maximum of any skill you can have and give bonuses to them. The middle contains the skills. From this you basically create your character, choosing from shield use, leadership and the ability to take prisoners. The system works well, and definitely makes you feel as though you’re free to create the character you want to play. On the right are the weapon skills. These govern damage and speed of strikes. So basically, if you’re not skilled at using one-handers a Nord Huscarl with a battle axe will crack your skull open before your swing hits home.

With the character creation explained, so begins the journey of Temujin, neatly named after some conquering warlord way, way back when.

Journal of Temujin

Day 1

At last I left the steppes of the East. The elders could no longer still my rage, and so I took a caravan to Tulga, heart of the Khanate. The spirits must have guided us safely home, because no less than three times could I see steppe bandits on the ridges watching us. Like vultures waiting for the time to sweep in they crept out of distance. An armored traveler guiding us through the windlands said they wouldn’t strike while we were still waking. Hearing that I decided I would keep an eye open during nighttime, those dogs would have made great target practice for my newly strung bow. My endeavor proved disappointing.

We arrived at Tulga as the sun was setting. Cities are odd things. The buldings can’t be moved, so they must always stand there. Never can they follow the herd. I do not understand it. The elders had told me that there would always be people wandering about, trading and being loud. I found this to be untrue. As it was late when we arrived it seemed like they had all gone to their houses. The caravan master urged us to find an inn to rest, but I wanted to see this place for myself. So I wandered the streets alone. My exploration was cut short by a broadhead digging its way into a cart beside me.

The robber’s aim was untrue, and his will forsaken by the four winds. My arrows, however, found their way home into his heart. Just as I was about to search his corpse for gold a man called out to me. He ran up to me and explained how it was dangerous to walk about during the late hours. And offering his own home as refuge for the night. I took him up on the offer, wary of his intentions.

My suspicions turned out to be justified. The man was a merchant in the City. And he was in need of help to find his brother who had been kidnapped by local bandits. As the elders had warned me, the city-folk are a weak kind who cannot fend for themselves. But the man offered me coin, so I took him up on his offer. He bade me find help in the local villages so that we might attack the band of villains at their heart. I was not even given time to sleep before he had me out of the door. As the journey had not been as spending as it could have been, I decided it to be for the best if I make myself a warband as soon as I might. I need many good men for the task ahead, so I set off to gather some men from the western villages.

I managed to rally some tribesmen with the promise of gold. Tomorrow we hunt for bandits. If we can find some from the same clan who kidnapped the merchant’s brother, we can surely find out which foxhole they keep as home. We shall see what the winds bring.


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  1. Förlåt, du hade rätt – jag orkade inte

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