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Today feels uninspired. Some days there are just not a whole lot of things going on. Especially gaming news-wise. Generally the only times we get to hear about awesome games and how awesome they are, is when there are gaming conventions. E3 for example is the summer’s long awaited gaming reveal bonanza. After that delicious time of announcements, however, there is the silence. The silence that generally lasts until Blizzcon when Blizzard reveal their next franchise reboot. Which reminds me, they did not reveal the new IP that was promised during the last Blizzcon!

There are, of course, always sporadic announcements. It’s just that big titles never tend to come on a Thursday the 8th of April. But, if you’re interested in checking out a neat looking game, you should head on over to your preferred gaming site and type in The Witcher 2 into the search field. The released vids are hella spiffy. Looking forward to this atypical fantasy rpg. More juice from former Soviet!


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