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I’m back!

So, being away from the city, out in the beautiful wilderness, of course left me with only one thing to do. Playing Monster Hunter. I did actually enjoy snowboarding aswell, but from a gaming perspective, the journey west was very successful. I downed Shen Gaoren and crafted the True Devil Slicer. All in all pretty swell. If not for the fact that I got my ass handed to me by the high ranking White Monoblos and regular Monoblos. So, now begins the process of figuring out how to kill them so I can tear their guts out to string me a bow.

I like games that completely consume my mind. Except for the times when it infects my brain to the point where I can’t sleep because I’m thinking of some stupid strategy to get me that gut bow. Since I wasn’t gonna post anything today I’ll make this short and sweet. So to finish this saucy sunday off I’ll link you this neat trailer:



  1. You should embed trailers dude, it’s the shit!

  2. Gut bow? That’s just nasty!

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