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Spent the last two days checking out video reviews of Monster Hunter Tri. With its EU release on Friday I’ll soon be hunting on new pastures. If you want to check out what people think of the Wii installment of the Monster Hunter franchise you can head on over to, or

There’s been a lot of Monster Hunter rants in this blog. And maybe that’s why I only have a dozen or so readers. It makes me question why I bother blogging. The people who read this blog, will in most cases have to suffer through my opinions about games either way. So I’ve begun asking myself why I blog. I think it started out as some utopian dream that I’d have hundreds of readers. Well, things didn’t really pan out that way. So after a while I started rationalizing. “I’m blogging for myself.” After rationalizing further I had to come to the sore conclusion, that if I was blogging for myself it wouldn’t be such a goddamned chore writing a post every set date. The problem is this. Sometimes I want to write things about games. But only sometimes. Not all the time. So why have a blog where people expect to read about something every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday if you don’t really want to say anything every day? I don’t know. I’ll try to figure it out but we’ll see.



  1. Don’t give up now! Market yourself and things will pick up.

  2. But I don’t want to become a slave to the system, MAN!

  3. Dude, just don’t promise to update those exact days. I think it’s quite bad to have set dates where you need to have a new post ready. Just go with the flow instead!

  4. The thing about the flow is that sometimes the flow brings nothing for extended periods of time.

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