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There’s a very fine line between the awesome and the absurd. At what point when we see something that’s supposed to be cool, do we think it’s just over the top and stupid? Where do we draw the line between cool and redundant? I don’t know. These are hard questions to answer, mostly relating to them being highly subjective. Kind of like anime for example. Some people like anime. I used to like it, but these days I’m put off by the genre because of their high-tailing stories and stupid special moves. And yet, one of my favourite series ever is Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. An anime where galaxies are thrown as shurikens.

It may be that to appreciate the absurdity of it all, it must be so absurd that our brains can’t register how over the top it is. That’s how I feel about Tengen Toppa anyways (You oughta check it out, you’ll be surprised at how serious it is, amidst all the absurdity).

Anyways. Today I was blown away. Monster Hunter has a way with making weapons feel right. Smashing your hammer into the face of a Great Jaggi just feels right. But we’ve gone over why already. But today, when I thought I couldn’t love Monster Hunter any more than I already did, I got my hands on the Switch Axe. It’s kind of like the Matrix. You have to see it for yourself to believe it. And even then, you probably need to try it to really understand how awesome this is.

MHFU introduced the gunlance. A weapon that’s uncontestably one of the most awesome weapons in gaming history. You stab it into the maw of some unwitting beast and blow its face off with a shell. That’s pretty spiffy. But Capcom doesn’t settle for just awesome. They went ahead and made the Switch Axe. On some basic mental level in my mind I know that I should be questioning the very existance of this weapon. It’s a mechanical beast that switches from axe to sword and blasts shit. It’s absurd. But it’s also fucking cool.

I think it’s time all of you people got yourselves a Wii and Monster Hunter Tri. The hunt is on.


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