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I like EVE. Perhaps even more than playing it, which I found fairly satisfying, I like reading about it. It’s a great boon to an MMO where the developers are always trying to push the boundaries for what can be done. Where WoW rehashes old ideas to make them work better, EVE comes up with completely new stuff. I mean, EVE has a fully working economy created by players. We hardly have that in the real world.

The expansion Tyrannis seeks to further EVE’s climb to awesomeness by giving players the choice to colonize planets so they can start making profits from resource production. I picture the corporations  in zero-sec sectors fighting tooth and nail to secure systems so no other people can come to their planets and steal their resources. Pretty goddamned spiffy right?

I know you said yes. So I know you’ll agree with me that Dust 514 seems like helluva sweet idea aswell.  While the gameplay vids released to date have triggered lukewarm feelings inside of me, the potential of the game tickles my balls. I like online FPS games, and bigger is no doubt better. MAG sucked, but I mean, BF2BC is pretty awesome. So, the formula isn’t flawed, it’s just that they have have to nail the execution. And CCP is one of the few gaming industry devs that I have faith in. I look forward to seeing the future development of the EVE franchise.

So, what are your thoughts on the matter. RTS inspired FPS meets the huge dynamic world of EVE, bound to fail or bound for glory?


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  1. I once tried Eve. I didn’t like it one bit. But I do support things like this.

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