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Next post will be a discussion of sorts. A forum if you will. So now I need your votes on a topic. I feel that reader participation has been much too low, mayhap my fault, which makes me utterly depressed and uninspired to write. So here are the topics:

-Monster Hunter Tri and being motivated to grind

-Experiences in the World of Warcraft and why people still play

-The future of video gaming, in all its vague glory

-Retro, and why I think people as young as me and younger than me are posers if they say they’re into retro games

Now comment. Which topic, and why?

Do it or there won’t be any Saucy Sunday!!



  1. All topics are fine by me cept for Monster hunter tri (since I have never played it).

    Having hundreds of days of playtime and also still playing (a little) world of warcraft gives me quite a lot to say on the subject.

    And obviously I like retro games.

  2. I think the future sounds cool, especially since that’s the topic which doesn’t necessarily turn into something very biased in either direction.

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