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With only two comments to give me direction for this post, I’ll have to make some compromises in the would-be formula. Reader participation does not seem to be the “it-thing” amongst my readers. Which makes me well angry. Ingrates!

Which also makes the whole idea of a reader discussion moot. So, my first thought was to write about my thoughts, on the future of retro gaming. A fairly interesting idea given today’s reboots of old franchises. I mean, we have new games coming out, that are essentially old games, but with new bosses and levels. Megaman 10 for example.

But, I’m not really interested in discussing this right now. Instead I’m interested in your opinion on improvements to the blog. Once more I’ll be making a leap of faith in assuming that someone other than Honkiie or my biggest fan will chip in.

So my question to you, the readers, is: How do I make you want to help me making an interesting blog?

I gather that reading a blog  basically means you’re interested in reading the writer’s posts, or looking at fancy pictures. But that’s not really rewarding for me without seeing some pennies chipped in the comment section. So, do I need to become more in tune with the going ons in the gaming industry and always write posts about big games like Final Fantasy and drop the Monster Hunter madness or what?

So tell me fellas and fellettes if there are any. What makes you the pleb, tick?



  1. Honestly i just think it’s really hard to make people write comments. In march I had 2500 visitors on my personal blog and alot more page views but still it isn’t unusual to see “no comments” below the posts. One of the reasons I added the “like” button is so that lazy people still can give feedback in the easiest way possible.

    I comment alot and on alot of blogs, and a big part of the reasons is that I myself like when people comment on posts. I think most people just like feeling like a ninja so they won’t make a sound.

  2. Q: How do I make you want to help me making an interesting blog?

    Ice cream.

    Well on a serious note. I think the blog is great in all its gaming glory. How to spark a general interest? Not sure but you could try very short entries… often. Not my style nor is it yours i believe. Just leaving it out there.

  3. Hah, I guess the issue then is, how to draw the ninjas out of hiding?

    There must be some incentive that draws out the silent majority of ninjas out of hiding? Maybe ninjas are attracted to extremely polarized views on gaming, but then, I tend to give those at times too. Maybe I should bring up rapelay (or however it’s spelled)

    Always the ninjas stirring up problems.

  4. Say something really infectious in a post and link to it on some forums.

    Remember your originally planned niché for this blog.

    Don’t say that stuff is gay/retarded, it drives the gays and retards away.

    Be a complete slut.

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