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This is really big news for the gaming industry. Starcraft II has been given a date.

Now, I don’t really care. I’ll play it for the singeplayer, maybe dabble in the multiplayer, but I think there are way better RTS games out there. Homeworld for example. But anyways, it’s gonna be interesting to see if they can manage this time-table without pushing it back.

Link to RPS press-statement



  1. Been playing the beta for a couple of days now. If you pre-book it on webhallen you get a beta key. It’s awesome but I do think it needs a little balancing.

    I think that starcraft probably is the best rts game because of how incredibly skilled one can become in it. It really is perfectly balanced. And also it’s not random in any way.

    I just hope that sc2 will be as good.

  2. For my own part I don’t think it’s as strategic as many rts games out there. Strategy involves more than reaction, and I myself prefer troop deployment, tactics etc. as found in Empire: Total War over the type of micromanagement that Starcraft offers.

    It’s a matter of taste, I know, but the hardcore of the Starcraft way has zero appeal to me.

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