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Some time ago, as some of you may be aware of, a trailer hit the world. Namely the trailer for Mechwarrior 5. I’m sure some of you thought “Cool.” when you saw it. Because the trailer was fucking cool. When the news hit, that Mechwarrior 5 was in production, I had no words. There is no way to describe the sensation of awesomeness that went through my mind when I saw the Atlas fucking up the Warhammer. Because the Mechwarrior series is one of my most beloved ever. Ever since Mecwharrior 2 I’ve been a big fan. And even if I wasn’t able to follow along with the story(they’re actually pretty good, if you’re into lore), I just loved being in a 90 ton beast and blasting out lasers and missiles.

The simulation genre of games has died. There are reacing games, which are a type of simulation games I guess. But there are hardly any space or mech sims left out there. Let alone any flight sims. If you want to pilot a space-ship you can be sure it’s gonna be a goddamned arcade game.

So right now I’m playing Mechwarrior 4. It holds up still. Even though it’s shit-ugly. They’ve really nailed the controls of the mech. The inertia, the animations, I was surprised how good it felt. I just scavenged a Vulture, so I’m pretty stoked to get back into the action.

But today’s post is more a wish than a discussion. Please almighty lords of gaming, please don’t let the devs arcade the fun out of Mechwarrior. Please give us the mechlab with all its fiddly tweaking. Please!


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