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Currently busy trying not to be a moron. I.E I am trying to work on my essay. So I have decided to not post today. I will, however, leave you with something to think on.

How would the MMORPG industry look today if WoW hadn’t been published?

Mull that over, if you will. Now I return to the land of discourse and analysis.



  1. First of all I think that there would have been a lot of less popular mmorpgs. Most of them complete shit. Don’t even know if the studios would still try to produce them.

    Also I think that gaming in general would still be looked down upon and playing mmorpgs would especially still seem like somthing only “partly retarded fat 30-year old men who still lives at home” play.

    Whether you like WoW or not I think that the gaming community owes a huuuge favour to Blizzard for bringing nerdery into the mainstream.

  2. The mainstream thing, sure.

    On another note, however, I think WoW destroyed the evolution of the mmorpg genre. Every mmo released to this day has to adapt its formula to WoW. Everything must be accessible from the get-go, or former WoW players will simply return.

    It’s kind of like we’ve entered a dark ages for MMOs, or a status quo. No one dares do something inspiring or original, because you’re not only risking it by going for something fresh, you know that you’re going up against WoW. So, creatively, I think WoW killed the MMO genre. Nowadays devs even admit “We’re not trying to compete with WoW. We’re just trying to make a game someone will play.”

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