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Since the GamesRadar post has been removed I’ll sum up what I can remember.

First off though, a summary of the X-com franchise. The X-com games are basically turn-based strategy games. Aliens invade, you’re part of the x-com organization, and your goal is to repel them. So, in essence all you do is fight aliens. The kicker, though, is that you get to research, train and build. You research new armor and weapons, train your men and women into hardcore badasses and build yourself  a base. It’s all very rewarding(and time consuming).

So what about this new X-Com? Well, they tell us that all the features we’ve come to expect are there. Except …

… It’s first person. I was skeptical at first, but looking at the provided screens, and thinking back on X-Com enforcer (which was pretty neat) I decided it could be pretty good. The art-direction they’re going for is like.. I don’t know, 50’s? It’s kind of like the retro-type pre-war era that Fallout always references to. Idyllic suburbs, thick-rimmed glasses, men with shirts and ties. Looked cool.

The only thing that worries me up to date is the missions. The information provided stated that missions will be as following. You go to an investigation site, start collecting data and clues. Kind of like CSI, except with aliens and less semen. But as time progresses, alien activity in the area increases. And in the end you will be forced to retreat or die. In time your research will provide you with gear and armor to allow you to stay longer, but the general idea is that you go to a place, and then you’re forced to flee. It sounds interesting enough, to be sure, but I’m worried about execution.  The idea that you can’t complete a mission for real strikes me as odd. They didn’t hint yet if it was possible to eliminate all resistance. Generally neverending spawns of monsters are a bad thing.

Time will tell.


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