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To excuse my negligent behavior I’ve decided to post something. It’s mostly a “did you miss it” post.

I’ve been keeping my expectations for Red Dead Redemption willfully low. The last few GTA games have been a so and so experience for me. I liked GTA IV, but it didn’t really conjure any emotions of pure awesomeness for me. I actually preferred the DLC The Lost and the Damned. Mind you I was pretty obsessed with the series Sons of Anarchy at the time, so that might have played a part in it.

So I haven’t been following the coverage for Redemption. But now that it’s here, it’s looking pretty goddamned awesome. Goddamned is a great word to use back in the wild west, so it seems extra fitting here. Some of you may have seen the show Deadwood. It’s this awesome drama about the town Deadwood and its inhabitants. I thoroughly enjoyed that series, despite my disdain for cowboy movies, so I’ve always kept an apprehensive fascination for the Wild West. It’s kind of like a dystopia. Fallout, basically. But instead of mutants you have Chinese people. Wait, that’s not right. Instead of mutants you have indians. Somehow I can’t get this right. There are simply no mutants. But there are prostitutes.
Thoughts? Looks great, particularly the multiplayer angle. Hope to get my hands on it after summer when I return to my consoles. For now I cannot afford it.


  1. For some reason I can’t seem to use enter to make new paragraphs. And I can’t embed videos. I fucking hate wordpress.

  2. I bet you are still in “visual” mode when you should be in “html” mode for embedding.

  3. Even when in HTML mode when I paste the embed code, it turns out as a blank space in visual. Made there’s some form of save code button, gonna look..

  4. You do get a blank space in visual. But it should appear alright in the post.

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