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What the fuck.

Read here.

I hate the score 10. At least from reviewers that are supposed to have credibility. If I would say, “this is the best game, it is truly perfect. Then that is in itself a lie, probably, but it’s an opinion from a biased gamer. IGN, however, is a gaming site which is supposed to provide readers with some manner of professional opinion. But, here we have a game that strikes 10 in every fucking category. How is the sound PERFECT? How are the graphics PERFECT? How is the gameplay PERFECT?

I call bullshit. It’s probably a great game. But it just reeks of retardation. I don’t think it’s possible for a game to even be in the 9.5 category.

What the fuck.

Let’s hope they get something right out of this and end the Mario franchise on an upnote like a perfect score. It would truly be a grand day in gaming history if they’d just let the canon be, and try to come up with a new protagonist.



  1. “The result of that effort is one of the most refined and most fulfilling videogame experiences of this generation.”

    If the reviewer is eight years old then that statement might begin to make sense…

  2. I am of a completely different opinion. If games can’t get perfect scores then the scale is faulty.

    The only reason to reason like you do is if you intend to use the grade to list all games from best to worst, not to actually say how good the games really are.

    Dick Brutal: I can’t see how age has anything to do with it.

  3. I don’t think the type of grading I use is for comparing games to each other. I think the only sensible way of rating games is to rate the parts in some form, like they do on IGN, and then give a summary grade. What I don’t like is numbers in scores. Because even though it says “masterful” under the 10, what a 10 means is, “perfect”. If they wanted to say how good the game is they could simply write “I enjoyed this game throughout the whole experience. It was frankly fantastic, all of the parts that make a swell game coming together into a wonderful unity.” That would be saying something about the game. Now instead they say that it’s perfect, and there is -nothing- that can be improved. Which is bullshit.

    To say in a review that a game is perfect is just ludicrous. To me it’s a question of whether or not this is good games journalism. Because I have serious doubts that the majority of people reading the review will think “This is a perfect game.”

  4. In my world I wouldn’t call a platforming game with a non-existential re-hashed plot “fulfilling”. It might be fun, or great fun. But I do take issue with that particular statement.

    Also: balls.

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