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So, E3 has begun. It started sort of under the radar without me noticing it. Kind of like how Patapon 2 came to the stores without it being featured in any of the online magazines. Well, up till now there’s been nothing to ramble about. The reveals have been sort of lukewarm in the excitement factor. I’m sure we’ll see some cool features soon, but this E3 seems like a disappointment. Anyways, here are some actual big news.

For those who have tried it, you’ll notice a very specific art-direction when the lightning flashes. Yes, it’s back. Back again. Tell a friend. It’s Patapon 3, hopfully. My favourite race of war-crazy eyeballs have returned to conquer yet another tribe of blob-men. Looking forward to it!


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  1. Any moar thoughts about E3? Personally I really like how they are bringing back the sidescrolling gameplay. Like in Kirby, Donkey Kong country, sonic 4 and such.

    I’m thinking of buying a console this summer since I don’t own one. And now for the first time I’m considering the Wii.

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