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I just remembered I had a blog.  Since starting the dreariness of a 9-5 job I kind of forgot that I had one. Anyways, since Håkan asked I shall here present som thoughts on E3.

First of all, as I noted earlier, E3 came as something of a shocker this year. I’m not one to note down dates in press-releases, so I didn’t actually know the exact kick-off for the E3, but I had a vague recollection of June. So E3 crept up on me, kind of like a bad rash which feels real nice to scratch. Yes, that’s how I’d describe E3 this year. Like a rash. You don’t always keep in mind it’s there, but sometimes you just check in on it and give it something of a scratch, and it feels good. I poked my head in to the E3 coverage every once in a while and it was an alright scratch. While there were no releases that blew me away, it wasn’t wholly disappointing either. It never is in fact, it’s just that usually E3 brings awaited footage of games you have been waiting on for a LONG time, or some new spectacular IP reveals.

This year’s E3 brought details on motion gaming. Kinect and Move. Both useleless concepts in my opinion. Just as I feel the motion controls for the Wii are useless. My favourite Wii game, Monster Hunter 3 as you might recall, is shite with the motion controls and calls for the use of the Classic Controller Pro. Hence more of it seems like a waste of time. On some level I don’t really view this motion fad as gaming at its core. It’s something else.. something dark and horrible. And I do hope it’s just a fad. Because I really don’t want to be playing my fps games on Kinect. Nor do I want to play my racing games(not that I play any) holding on to a make-believe steering wheel rather than a bulky expensive store bought steering wheel that I can actually show off to my friends. The make-believe steering wheel also has no second-hand value, so you can’t sell it off when you’re in need of your dope.

Highlights then. A bit of talk about the upcoming X-Com game. I dig that. And some gameplay vids(which were leaked) of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the game that started this blog. It looks true to the original Deus Ex so my excitement has been refuelled. And just generally a lot of games that look cool. Metal Gear Rising, for example. With Peace Walker being the last game in the Snake canon of the series it seems fitting to put Raiden at the helm again. This time him subbing for Dante. DMC and Bayonetta being the sort of games I generally don’t play for their, I don’t know.. japaneseness, Metal Gear Rising looks to improve on the concept with another sort of japaneseness that I quite like. Cutting people in half never looked so good.

Blizzcon ought to be soon too right? Hopefully we’ll see that goddamned new IP they promised us last year.


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  1. I don’t even ork to read while you’re away. But it’s nice höring from you. I miss you so much.

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