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Gonna try to stop being a moron from now on. Having been on the equivalent of purgatory in the form of teacher training I decided to take some r&r to recuperate. Post coming tomorrow(hopefully god damnit!).

Topics this week are:

  • Fallout New Vegas and why I prefer it over Fallout 3
  • Fable 3 and why I think it’s a cozy game while suffering from a case of the mainstreaming.

There’s also a piece about Blizzard that’s brewing in my head. Look at this in preparation for the coming sentence. Only the first few seconds.

I want to talk about Blizzard. And how I hate them. I intend for it to be a more analytical piece on how Blizzard hasn’t created any original content since the dawn of time. I am of course speaking about IPs, although you could argue that nothing they’ve made so far has been original since they’ve always been standing on the shoulders of giants and then honing those ideas in their own products. Which is true for almost all companies. But Blizzard being one of those studios one expects a little more. Futile hopes, certainly, but hopes none the less.

For tomorrow! Ta!



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