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Still not feeling swell. Tired and having a hard time eating food. But here come some first impressions of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

I have only had the time to play the first level on singleplayer. And boy is the first level shit. If the rest of the game is gonna be anything like this, it’s bad. The first level starts you off as a Black Ops operative on a mission to kill Fidel Castro. So after a pointless semi-level before the first level you end up in Fidel’s mansion with the intent to kill him. The action I’ve had so far is pretty bad. It’s the standard CoD stuff, except it seems to lack weight. Maybe it’s because you’re in the most uninteresting place ever, killing the most uninteresting non-descript soldiers, ever.

The first level comes off as chaotic and confusing. Confusing because I once died for having strayed too far from my buddies, apparently. I was doing what I thought was rational. Crouching down behind cover. But they wanted me to follow, apparently. And it wasn’t like they it was made immediately obvious that i had to follow them. I assumed I had to follow them, but I also assumed they would be going in a methodical rate, waiting to kill some baddies. So I thought I was doing alright, until I suddenly dropped dead. Not because I was shot, but because the game required me to follow or die. It seems like a totally new way to force the game into the cinematic linearity, without it even being in a suitably awesome spot. It’s also weird, because the spot in which I auto-died was a place where the most logical thing to do since there was gunfire fucking everywhere, was to take cover and shoot some people first. In my opinion, that is. Seems counterintuitive to kill you for things like that. At least give me a goddamned warning first!

Another gripe is that the first level was brown and chaotic. Everything was brown so when the enemies ran around it was hard to follow them. And since there was shooting and grenades all over the place it soon became just a brown blur of things happening. Nothing at all like the crisp action of the previous games. Or well. I must say, what I loved in the previous games were mostly the SAS stuff.

Either way. It’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare, but just not as good.


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