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If you survived the 90’s and your computer weathered the dreaded Y2K bug, then you’ve probably heard about Deus Ex. If you happened to miss it(and you call yourself a gamer!) or were still in diapers at the time of release, here’s a quick summary:

You’re JC Denton. Neo from the Matrix lookalike and badass nanotech anti-terrorist agent. The rising levels of terrorism in the world has called for a new breed of “men” to combat this dreadful menace. And like the badass you are, you fight terrorists and robots on the Statue of Liberty, in Hong Kong, in Paris and various other places that make your nerd heart go “boom”.

Released in 2000 Deus Ex was the genius, if not a little awkward, child of an FPS game that had married a roleplaying game. The game had a particular focus on nanotech upgrades that enabled you to e.g. lift stuff, and see really really well(there were in fact cooler upgrades). I loved this game. To me it introduced roleplaying in an FPS, choice, trenchcoats and conspiracy. With organizations like the Illuminati, how was a thirteen-year-old boy supposed to resist it?

There was a sequel to Deus Ex. Namely Deus Ex: Invisible War. I borrowed it from a friend, but was in the end disappointed. Like an anorexic sister to the previous installment, the sequel had lost all that juicy booty which made me love the game in the first place. The roleplaying aspect of the game had been dieted down into a more simple biomod upgrade system, and the inventory management had been streamlined into a simple uninspiring slot system. Also, apparently bullets had in the somewhat farther off future been rendered useless by the advanced use of nanotechnology.

Well, with the first game in mind, I was super excited to hear about Deus Ex 3. This being a prequel to the first game, it tells the tale of Adam Jensen, bio-mechanically modified badass. Here’s the trailer, pay close attention to his awesome sunglasses:

(trailer not uploadable at the moment, so make due with that picture)

Judging from the awesome looking bio-mods and the noir-like vibe I remain excited. Let’s hope we get a gameplay trailer soon.