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Day Z 

I woke up on the shoreline of Chernarus. Clothes wet. Trousers filled with sand. Everything a mess. I was near the port and by the time I’d picked myself up from the dirt I could see the giant dock cranes looming over me. The place was deserted. No ships coming in. No people working the lifts. Nothing. 

At first I thought I was alone but when I searched the crane foreman’s office I found some company. It was the foreman himself.  He’d sprayed his brains out on the wall. Real masterpiece. He had a journal too. Kind of like this one but you wouldn’t believe the shit he’d written in it. I took his gun, took his food. There was a small medkit close by too. Figured I was gonna need it. From the looks of it Chernarus was at war again. Times like these you do what you gotta do. Despite my better judgement I decided I’d climb one of the cranes and see if I couldn’t see some signs of life.

Far off past the dock I could see some houses and some movement. From the distance I couldn’t quite make it out, but I decided I’d go have a closer look. Hey, maybe it’d be someone who could make some sense of this mess right? As I was climbing down I slipped on the wet metal of the crane and crashed onto the pavement. Cut myself up, sprained myself  pretty badly. Had to use some of the morphine from the medkit to be able to walk. Not a great start for the day. I started towards the houses where I’d seen the movement and as the morphine kicked in I started feeling a bit better about the situation. That feeling wouldn’t last.

After walking for about fifteen minutes I was close enough to the houses to see what had been making the movement. It was a man in a suit. The weather wasn’t really the type of weather in which you’d expect to see men in nice suits, but then it looked like this man and his suit had seen better days. When I called out to him he started walking towards me slowly. He didn’t respond other than that and his movement was odd. Shambling-like as if his legs weren’t really moved by him, like he was remote-controlled or someone was pulling his legs forward with strings like a puppet. I walked closer slowly and tried to talking to him some more but without any luck. I didn’t even notice at first but in the house to my right there was some movement in the corner of my eye. Before I knew it some yelling madman came charging towards me. He was snarling like a rabid dog and was covered in blood. At the time I couldn’t tell if it was his own or someone else’s but before I knew it he was lying on top of me trying to fucking bite me. I managed to shove him to the side and shot him twice in the stomach. This jolted the other man who in the same rabid manner started running towards me.  Him I shot before he could reach me. War will make people do crazy stuff, and I wasn’t about to be pig-sticked by some goddamned east-bloc dock hand.

I started noticing other people emerging from some of the houses around me so I ran off towards the center of the village and into a shack. I closed the door tothe shack, checked my clip and peeked through a crack in the wall. The people from the village were moving around aimlessly, all remote controlled. I decided I’d try and hide out there in the shack until night time. Figured I’d have an easier time avoiding crazies if they couldn’t see me. God that was stupid. Throughout the whole night all I could think of was the flyers the UN-peacekeeping troops had been handing out on the boat. The front of it said “Welcome to Chernarus.”