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I remember the release of Fable 1. Quite clearly, actually. You see, I am one of those people that sat in the Fable chat room on IRC discussing what we were hoping it would be, voting for titles to be implemented into the game and just generally annoying the poor dev assigned to sit in and take queues from us community freaks. I was, to say the least, quite invested in the game.

Then came the release, and it was nothing like the trailers and screenshots had hinted at. That’s not to say it wasn’t good, it just wasn’t what had been promised. Mr. Molyneux of Lionhead has a tendency to go overboard when talking about his games. This is as much a fact in the gaming world as that of Bobby Kotick being a dick. So, he promised a bit more than could be delivered. My main gripe was really always only the lack of an open world, like in Gothic. That was disappointing for me. The game itself was in my experience rather nice. Cozy even.

Lionhead has always been a company that produces games to my liking. They were an ofshoot off Bullfrog who had in their time produced some of my favorite games. This list including: Populous, Syndicate, Magic Carpet and Dungeon Keeper. After their breakaway they went on to create Black & White. A game that I still bloody love. A game that I have also in adult years found that not everyone likes. This always being related to some PC Gamer article and promises made by Mr. Promisemaker. I didn’t even know you couldn’t love it, because it was fucking awesome. I remember being especially in love with the creature vs. creature combat. Those were the days.

Lionhead has a certain tone to their games. B&W and its in my opinion swell sequel is humorous and cozy. Evil in these games, just like with Dungeon Keeper is done with a sense of┬áhumor. It’s not really EVIL at all. I mean, you get to kill people indiscriminately, but you’re never staking them through the eyesockets or hanging a father of in front of his child while spilling his guts out. It’s not that evil, it’s just really rude. I can appreciate this sense of┬áhumor, and this way of presenting evil. Especially in the way it carried over to Fable.

Fable, despite its shortcomings was always a nice experience. It was never the hardcore RPG I wanted it to be, instead it was sort of an action adventure like Zelda 64, with the addition of some RPG elements. You got to fight with your sword, shoot with your bow(or gun in the sequels) and cast some spells. Your character also mirrored your actions in the world, even if the choices always were quite binary. But it was an experience, and your character felt like it was really yours to play with. You could go all sims if you wanted to aswell. Buying houses, decorating them, marrying, etc. etc. All these elements included made it into a very cozy, immersive, sim like experience.

Running around town having everyone stand agape in awe at you is pretty funny. Barging in on someone sleeping because you own the house is also pretty funny. Fable was good at those moments while being bad at the RPG moments. Storywise they were never any table turners either. But you know, what can you expect from a game where you have the option to fart someone in the face?