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This is a blog. It’s a blog about games. Sometimes you may find non-game-related news here, such as spectacular noteworthy news about the computer industry or maybe even something about  movies. But really, if you intend to visit here, expect to see posts primarily about games.

I will be dealing in the shady business of reviews. I say shady mainly because reviews are about giving people your opinion of a game. This opinion is then supposed to give the readers direction as to whether or not they should go to their local retailer(or Steam if you’re not a goddamned homonid), and buy that game. In Swedish there’s a quaint expression saying that opinions are like asses, in the sense that everyone has one(that might actually be an english expression). And the fact of the matter is that people rarely share these opinions. Thus making reviews a shady business. Because how do you rate a game while taking into concern how different people value different aspects of a game?

You don’t. Or I won’t, rather. So if you’ve bothered to read this introduction, then you now know that the reviews posted here are subjective, personal thoughts on various aspects of the game. You may come here reading a review thinking “Man, you’re a goddamned douchebag, that cover mechanic works perfectly.”. And I say “fine”. If you’ve explored the various online magazines that float about today then you probably have a favourite one. I used to enjoy IGN. These days I realise I mostly enjoyed IGN’s reviews because they had full coverage and earlier reviews. They didn’t have fantastic reviewers really(you read RPS for that). They just had exclusive reviews. What I am trying to say here is that people tend to read reviews from people they agree with, or the ones with the most flashy pictures.

So if you decide to return here, it might mean that you agree with me. Or it might mean that you think my design is well spiffy. In any case, I look forward to you leaving a comment.



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  1. Me likes this…

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